ARG 175T

Small to Mid Size Boat Stabilizer System

Boat Stabilizer ARG 175T

This stabilizer comes from a high quality built to last from the Japanese engineering technique. It has gone through many hours of trial and testing before being released to the market and therefore a product you can trust. Also, It has been trusted by other customers for the over 15 years it has been in use and since its reliability has been proven.


Having this stabilizer for your yacht improves the riding quality while in the water. If you are in the business of doing marine tourism, your visitors are guaranteed a very smooth ride across the waters. The same applies if you are using the vessel for fishing, the ride is very smooth and you won’t have to worry about tides thus concentrating more on bringing in the fish.

  • Length: 46.42 ft (14.15 m)
  • Beam of 14.23 ft (4.34 m)
  • Displacement: 18.2 tons

Length (ft)

Beam (ft)

Tons Displacement

Coastal Offshore X-cellence Line Br

During the installation of this unit, it is recommended that you stick to the manufacturer’s manual for it to have the best fit and work properly as envisioned during manufacturing. The flywheel generates the torque which is an integral part of the boat. It has to be tied to the main stringers and then strengthened to the main areas of the boat. This process makes the ARG 175T unique because it does not have retrofits.