ARG 250T

Ideal for mid-sized vessels

Boat Stabilizer ARG 250T

This is a mid-sized stabilizer with a large 25000Nm of anti-rolling torque that can handle a mid-sized yacht. It is appropriate for ship vessels whose displacements do no exceed 40 tons.

If your vessel is large but cannot fit one larger stabilizer, you can fit multiple of these stabilizers because of its relatively easy fit and weight. It weighs 700Kg gross weight.


The ARG 250T comes from well reliable Japanese engineering and has been used reliably for over 15 years. Its high quality of service has been proven over the years. Most importantly is that you will not have to worry about its cooling system as it doesn’t require any water for that.

  • Length: 67.68 ft (20.63 m)
  • Beam of 18.47 ft (5.63 m)
  • Displacement of 45 tons

Length (ft)

Beam (ft)

Displacement (tons)

Coastal Offshore X-cellence Line Br

Also, the ARG 250T model of stabilizer has a high-speed flywheel which is supported by a gimbal which when rolled it causes the flywheel to generate gyro force which moves to the direction that is perpendicular to the angular velocity. To make this strong, it uses this torque in the direction which is counterclockwise to the roll of the hull. The resulting result is a net reduction in rolling.

Further, this device complies with the European registration, evaluation, and chemical restrictions regulations. This means that it is fully compliant to be installed in any part of the world without having to submit other documents for approval.