ARG 375T

The stabilizer is for vessels that have a displacement of up to 60T

Boat Stabilizer ARG 375T

The ARG 375T reduces rolls for vessels using the gyro torque stabilization and can reduce roll to zero speed. Its largest unit has a large 17,500Nm anti-rolling torque and best for a large boat stabilizer. 

It has been in use for over 15 years after its release and has been used by companies all over the world hence proving its reliability. Companies that use it range from private companies, big corporations, fisher men and leisure boat companies. Over the years, the company has managed a strong customer base that is loyal and locked.


This ARG stabilizer can be used for reducing rolling in yachts to zero-speed and can prevent seasickness. It also improves the quality of the ride and general marine leisure boats and fishing boats. It can work In work-boats, survey boats, patrol boats to provide work efficiency that is improved.

  • Length: 73.81 ft (22.5 m)
  • Beam of 18.04 ft (5.5 m)
  • Displacement of 56.9 tons
Boat Stabilizer ARG 375T

Length (ft)

Beam (ft)

Displacement (tons)

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The ARG 375T also does the deck work during mooring and touchdowns. It has superior vessel ability to maneuver and greatly reduces fatigue for the crew. 

While competing products similar to this stabilizer have come in the market, none matches the capability and capacity offered by this stabilizer. Also, the manufacturer invests time and research to improve on the version by solving the problems noticed by users.