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A board yacht or super yachts, if not well maintained, can present a series of electrical and mechanical problems that will frustrate you if you do not have a reliable yacht electrical engineer. If you are a manufacturer, you need quality electronic engineering services to ensure that you produce high-end products that will satisfy your customers.

The Coastal Offshore X-cellence is a family-owned electrical engineering service provider that focuses on providing cutting-edge solutions to solve electrical issues concerned with marine elements.

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We specialize in high-end yacht electrical engineering services, and we deal with the sales and installation of quality Gyro-stabilizers and HVAC systems. If you encounter any issues with your super yacht or your boat, we are the professionals for the job. While cruising, there is nothing more important than your safety. That is why we are dedicated to providing unique services using long-lasting solutions that will ensure you have a seamless experience every time you are out in the sea.

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 Our anti-rolling marine gyros come in three different sizes that were created using a simple and smart design to achieve the best results. Our gyros provide different torque rates that will stabilize your vessel correctly. One advantage of our simple gyros is that they will save you a lot of cash in installation and maintenance costs. Consequently, you will not have to deal with complicated electrical systems, controls, and hydraulics. With us, you will have the perfect marine experience.

We have qualified and experienced professionals who approach all electrical engineering projects using the latest technological solutions. We are dedicated to taking good care of our employees, that is why we provide the most reliable marine engineering services in the region. Our professionals are equipped with expert knowledge of the best heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. We will work with you to install a compatible system to your yacht correctly.

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When you encounter electrical issues with your yacht, do not hesitate to contact us. Our professional electrical engineers will troubleshoot the problem and come up with a long-lasting solution that will serve you for years to come. 

We provide the best yacht electrical engineering services, marine gyro stabilizer installation, and HVAC system repair, installation, and maintenance with a customer-centered focus. For more information, contact us, and our customer care representative will be delighted to assist you.


RKO works with the following manufacturers: Team Italia, CMC Marine, Nextworks, Yachtica, Onyx Marine, Autronica, and Elettro Naval Impianti.

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