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Gyro Stabilization Systems


Owning yachts comes with more responsibilities. There are more than just repairs and maintenance that you have to remember so you can keep them at their best state. If you own a yacht or you are planning to buy one, it’s essential that you know how to take care of them while you are using them for their intended use. Coastal Offshore X-cellence offers Gyro Stabilization Systems for yacht owners, manufacturers, and captains. Our company does the installation. Our team of experts will also give you information on how you can use the system while you are sailing. Our team is competent and knowledgeable to give you expert advice. 

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Boat Stabilizer Products

Our Gyro Stabilization Systems give our clients the best experience when sailing. The system promotes reliable, smooth, and functional sails. While not every yacht owner considers having this, you are saving yourself and your guest from possible seasickness and sea legs. Our boat stabilizers are proven to act fast starting from the setting out of the yachts to anchoring them. Your experience will surely level up since the stabilizers eliminate boat rolls as much as possible. Your sea experience doesn’t have to be tough. You just need the proper equipment to make your trip enjoyable and interesting.

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Our company can provide free estimates to clients who are interested to avail of our boat stabilizers. As of now, we have 4 options to offer:

Each of them has unique features that you will surely love. Our ARG 175T can work under 15 to 25-ton vessel range but it still depends on the GM of the boat. Our ARG 250T can cover up to 35 tons, still depending on the GM. Our 375T can work under 40 to 60 tons. 

While yacht stabilizers for big ships have been used in the shipping industry for a long time, stabilizers for smaller and medium-sized boats and yachts are now becoming common. They are now a realistic option for sea and ocean lovers due to technology advancement and yacht owners can now enjoy smooth rides.

ARG 175T

The ARG 175T is designed to work for smaller vessels such as the ones used for fishing. Its ease of use is one of the major selling points as you only need a basic bolt and plugging in. This stabilizer unit is completely self-contained and has no other moving parts on its external side hence there is no need for raw-water cooling.

It can support vessels of up to with

  • Length: 46.42 ft (14.15 m)
  • Beam of 14.23 ft (4.34 m)
  • Displacement: 18.2 tons

ARG 250T

The ARG 250T model can be used for patrol boats and work-boats to provide efficiency and mooring and touchdown works. It reduces crew fatigue by reducing the amount of work they have to do trying to manually stabilize a vessel or when using other stabilizers that are not as good as the ARG 250T.

It can support vessels of up to with

  • Length: 67.68 ft (20.63 m)
  • Beam of 18.47 ft (5.63 m)
  • Displacement of 45 tons

ARG 375T

The ARG 375T reduces rolls for vessels using the gyro torque stabilization and can reduce roll to zero speed. Its largest unit has a large 17,500Nm anti-rolling torque and best for a large boat stabilizer.  It weighs 910Kg(2006lbs) and several of these stabilizers can be fitted to larger vessels that require more anti-rolling torque but do not have space to handle one large unit.

It can support vessels of up to with

  • Length: 73.81 ft (22.5 m)
  • Beam of 18.04 ft (5.5 m)
  • Displacement of 56.9 tons

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Modern Yachts feature amazing capabilities and computerized technology that greatly simplify their usability. Nevertheless, systems like gyro stabilizers, air conditioning, and electrical components still require close monitoring to ensure that they function properly.

RKO Marine is a reliable service provider that offers simple yacht stabilization solutions and mechanical electronics services to yacht owners, manufacturers, and boat enthusiasts all over South Florida. We have served in the yacht industry for years. Our experience with complicated systems allows us to provide the highest level of expertise and cutting edge solutions to various issues that interfere with your yacht.

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